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Application Maintenance and Enhancement.

Market leading organizations have been investing on IT applications over multiple years to gain and retain the cutting edge advantage. While these applications are providing the necessary return on investments, it has become very critical to maintain and enhance these applications with the dynamics of business environment. These organizations are looking for trusted IT partners to take up this ownership of getting the best advantage out of their investment on these applications.

Landmark, with its basic objective of partnering with their customers, takes responsibility of owning these third party applications and provides maintenance and enhancement services. This methodology has been mapped to our ISO certification and is supported with leading technology tools like Rational product suite, Microsoft Project manager, web-based problem reporting and tracking tool.

In addition to provide basic support for maintenance of the application, Landmark as an IT partner works very closely with customer to overcome some of the problems and limitations in using these applications such as:

  Continued divergence between Business Model and Business Reality.
  Urgent need to address Reliability, Response Times, Performance, and other necessary.
  Functional Enhancements (Market, Process and User driven) in APPS.
  User lack of confidence and decreasing satisfaction levels.
  Over budget Cost Levels.
  Absence of Strategic Re-orientation due to lack of Clear Diagnosis.
  Handicap in terms of Flexibility, Extensibility, Usability and Maintainability.
  Urgent need to revamp some of the features and functionalities.
  Maintainability and Usability for the varied integrated, but still disparate technology platforms.
  Urgent need to revamp and remodel User System Interfaces increasing User Friendliness and improving User Experience.
Towards this end there are a few things that LANDMARK will pro-actively explore and investigate throughout the SDLC such as:
  Continuous efforts towards simplifying the application and User interfaces and screens by exploring and incorporating new and stable, lightweight components into the User interfaces.
  Commitment towards improving the response times of the system.
  Provision of automation tools and utilities to reduce the stress on Users.
  Provision of tools and utilities to facilitate ad-hoc reporting and querying.
  Continuous efforts towards quick resolution and fixes for known issues.
  Special care, attention and commitment to resolving for Quick Win situations.
  Database remodeling, with the end goal of performance improvement and reporting.