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Key Strength of landmark
There are many benchmarks that make Landmark a preferred choice - for new and potential clients - especially when it comes to choosing a long-term business partner from amongst top- notch service providers. These are:
Making Difference with Excellence
Highly Skilled Team of People, technology Skill Sets and Tools Expertise.
Matured and Proven Business and Quality Processes using World Class Tools & standards supported through Quality Practices through ISO.
Knowledge of Key people of over 200+ man-year
State of art of Technology center with NOC, POC, Development Lab and an Independent Test Lab.
Key Technology Partnerships : IBM, Microsoft, CA, Mercury and so on.
Efficient Operational Model for better Value for Money with adaptable approach geared to the needs of each specific client..
Proven reputation for unsurpassed project management and on-time performance
Proprietary APDIMA methodology with a common, flexible framework and best practices
Established and accepted brand name.
Proven experience in commercial markets and government industries.
Financial strength to be able to assume total project risk.
“India Advantage” for Global Customer & a global service network.
Enhanced Customer Relationship Management through Professional team
Innovative IP based products and services with no or very less competition global.