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Business Continuity Services

Could your business survive without access to your Information Technology Infrastructure? You’ve made a significant investment in time and resources to develop your computer and communications capabilities and entire your business is dependent upon continual working of IT. Landmark’s Business continuity Services undertakes proactive planning and Auditing of your critical infrastructure to ensure a total resilience.

DR Assessment
  Disaster Recovery workshop.
  Recoverability Assessment.
  Physical risk assessment.
  Operational risk assessment.
Business impact analysis
  Identifying the Critical Business functions.
  Prioritizing the criticality factor on High, Medium &Low impact processes.
  Quantifying tangible Risks to your organizations to budget DR project .
  Preparing Cost v/s Benefit analysis of the DR project .
  Defining acceptable down time before disaster is declared
Disaster Recovery Plan Designing and Implementations
  Disaster Recovery Strategy preparation.
  High Impact Recovery module (RTO=0 to 8 Hrs).
  Medium Impact Recovery module ( RTO = 8 to 72 Hrs ).
  Low Impact Recovery module ( RTO > 72 Hrs ).
  Disaster Recovery plan development.
  Awareness & Training.
Managing & Auditing the DR Plan
  Walk through rehearsal.
  Review and Update.
Security Services
  Vernability Assessment.
  Firewall / IDS implementation.
  Operating System Hardening.
Customer Benefits
  Minimizes revenue lost due to unexpected downtime.
  Enjoy a timely, effective recovery from business disruptions .
  Protect brand recognition and customer loyalty by proactively averting or mitigating disaster .
  Enhance your ability to survive and thrive in today's competitive business climate.
  Improve IT staff efficiency and productivity by automating and simplifying recovery processes.
  Protect your priceless business data from local disasters.
  Leverage Landmark and industry best practices in business processes and service methodologies.