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Off Shore Development Centre BOT Services

Overall awareness and maturity in software applications within customer organizations has also led to multiple initiatives for in-house management of applications. At the same time, managing cost efficiency for this in-house development has been on-going challenge. Many customer organization have come across following business needs to be addressed efficiently.

  To be competitive in market.
  To focus on core strengths of customer relationship in local geography.
  To maintain and enhance quality of deliverables.
  To maintain / enhance time schedules of deliverables.
  To develop long-term strategy for diversified geographical locations.
  To leverage on skill-set availability in offshore geography.
  To leverage on infrastructure availability in offshore geography.
  To evaluate long-term strategy of having India based subsidiary to cater to offshore development services.

To achieve this long-term objective, many organizations have envisaged the need of having option to have India based subsidiary for offshore development services. At the same time, there are multiple challenges to startoperations in newer geography like India.

Landmark has been offering services to help customers to meet these business requirements and mitigate the risks and challenges involved. As part of BOT Built-Operate-Transfer services, Landmark has selected offshore partner will build necessary infrastructure, resources, quality processes, knowledge base, project planning and execution methodology etc. based on customer's long term norms. Landmark will operate this set-up for agreed time frame and scaling from smaller team to larger team, based on business requirements.Customer will have flexibility to take over the complete running set-up as per pre-agreed time frame or business size.