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The primary level involves remotely monitoring a client's IT infrastructure and immediately notifying the customer in case of any problem in the system through various alert systems. Monitoring is carried out across IT layers that includes:
Computing Environment ( Web Servers, Application servers, Messaging Servers, Database servers.  
Networking Environment.  
System Software Environments.  
Database Environment.  
Application Software.  
Availability services involve managing a customer's entire IT infrastructure. This level Of service does not restrict itself to this colossal task, but goes beyond detection to Include the rectification of any problem that occurs. Here the experts help The onsite services team in resolving network and system faults. Routine administration and diagnostic activities for network and server applications are carried out at scheduled intervals which involves:
Configuration Management.  
High Availability Planning.  
Remedial Services.  
Performance Management  
Here, in addition to monitoring and management, the experts provide advisory Services on Performance building, Capacity planning and network optimization. This Service aims at ensuring that the IT performance, and eventually the business Performance of its customers are optimized to the fullest. The service undertakes:
Capacity Planning.  
Change Management.  
Trend analysis & reporting.  
Service Deliverables  
Asset Management.  
Antivirus & Anti-spam Control, Patch Management.  
System Software Support .  
High Availability support.  
Performance Management.  
Capacity Management.  
Datacenter Management  
Mail Services Support.  
Data Backup / Restore Support.  
Network Management  
LAN / WAN Support.  
Performance and capacity Management.  
Service Desk Management  
T1 / T2 User Call Management.  
Vendor Management.  
Service Reporting.  
Security Management  
Firewall / IDS support.  
Antivirus / Anti-spam Management.  
Patch Management.  
Database Management  
Performance analysis & tuning.  
Application Management  
Application performance testing.