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Technology Features.

Some unique technology features:

  Network Operations Center (First of its kind in the region to offer remote management services to domestic as well as international customers
  World Class Data Center.
  Proof of Concept Center.
  Demo Room.
  Training Rooms.
  Discussion Rooms.
  Backed by Disaster Recovery Site for redundancy.
Latest Technology deployment:
  Proximity and biometric security access.
  Remote Security system.
  Energy management system.
  Wireless networking.
  Application Servers, Database Servers, Web Servers, Citrix Server, Mail Servers and so on.
  Structured Cabling, routers and managed switches, wireless access points, connectivity through VPN, VSAT, etc.
  Workstations with LCD Display, Notebooks and Thin Clients.
  Environment Software- Operating systems, apps servers, databases and so on
  Development and Project management tools.
  Testing tools.
  Configuration management tools.
  Infrastructure management tools.