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Landmark Audit

A powerful tool which extracts the system information online which is seamlessly integrated with Landmark ManageIT. Helps to maintain and track assets component-wise. Saves time and prevents the user to take the stock of assets physically on each system. Helps in avoiding human errors and keeping the right control over assets all the time.

  Configurable Scheduling of auto execution.
  Extracts system information of each Asset on your network.
  Helps to maintain & track IT assets, component-wise.
  Automatically updates inventory of all Assets online.
    Hardware information like Processors, BIOS, Memory etc.
    Software information like System Softwares.
    Application Software’s etc.
    Storage information like HDD, FDD, DLT etc.
    Networking information like LAN Card, Drivers, IP address etc.
  Runs at each PC on network independently.
  Configurable scheduling of Landmark Audit execution.
  Auto notifications for change in Asset configuration.
      Landmark Transport
      Landmark ManageIT-An Asset Management Suite